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Or Let Us Design One For You. Custom Motorcycle Wheels, Custom Motorcycle Rims, Custom Motorcycles Parts. Tell Us What You Want We Can Ship Every Nut And Bolt It Takes To Get The Look You Want To Your Door  For Your Custom Build. Have Questions Tech Support Included. Custom Fenders, Saddlebags Painted Shipped To Your Door Can You See Me Waveing?

Our Story

I Believe In the American Dream

If you work hard enough, surround yourself with good people, offer a quality product at a great price and treat people like you would want to be treated then your business will grow.  

Humble Beginnings

I wanted the tires flying out the door. The idea was written out on two sheets of paper. The logo was drawn by using a cup to draw the tire a nickel to draw the hub and the wings and spokes were drawn on the tire. Flying Tire was added above and Motorcycle added below the logo in cursive. Flying Tire Motorcycle was born.  I started this company in an abandon car wash beside a gas station in 2007. I had just met my wife and wanted to take her to Luckenbach Texas for our first ride together. I had a bald tire on my bike and I needed an oil change. I called every shop in town. some of the answers I got were we cant get to it until next week and you will have to make an appointment, I can have it done before the weekend but it will be a million dollars (might as well have been back then) I thought to myself I can do better than that! You can take a car to Discount Tire and have four car tires installed in about an hour at a decent price and there is a Quick Lube on every corner for cars. I am going to do the same for motorcycles. 

I Havent Forgotten Where I Came From

I quit my job and started with seven tires, three cases of oil and and $750 in my pocket. The first couple of months I advertised my great idea by riding around on the weekends handing out business cards to everyone I could find on a bike. Over the years I have grown this company by working 12 hours a day seven days a week to make it work and it wasn't easy. But I can contribute our success to just a few simple things Hard Work and Customer Service. I still run the business hands on and look forward to meeting or talking to everyone I have the pleasure of doing business with. You see it's not a job if you enjoy what you do. Give us a call or stop by and say Hello ask for Joe.

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Let Us Build One For You Show Up In Style At The Motorcycle Rallies

Let Us Build One For You Show Up In Style At The Motorcycle Rallies

Let Us Build One For You Show Up In Style At The Motorcycle Rallies


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